Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Reebok Clothing Review

I think eventually people will get tired of hearing about Reebok clothing reviews unless they are CrossFitters. I wonder if any Reebok people search the web for stuff like this. Hey, you in Reebok R&D or Marketing! Give me a holla!

Seriously, though, I doubt this blog ranks anywhere near a ping on someones Google Alert. :)

Anyway, some of these items I received being a coach at a Reebok sponsored gym (SFCF) and some I bought.

This time I'm only looking at tops, having both the shorts and pants being a miss for me, I'm sticking with other brands for my tights, capris and pants. (Favorites: Champion, Nike, Lululemon, Athleta)

So here goes:

Spart Tank
Reebok hits the mark again with fit and material. Most tops I've tried make of jersey-like material end up being unflattering, but this one is very nice. Again, for $40, I'd like to see some built in support, but I get how this design doesn't really lend itself to that. And I LOVE the bright green I got it in.
Pros: material, true to size, flattering
Cons: No support

Sport Bra

I couldn't find this online. Either they have run out or it's one of the tested products that they send to boxes and I got my mitts on this one. It has a standard bra clasp in the back, and removable, thin cutlet inserts. While I've never been the kind to workout without my shirt, even in my six pack judo days, this bra is definitely styled to show off. Regardless, I find it comfortable none the less, and having straight over the shoulder straps, plus a clasp in the back, it was my go-to bra for after my shoulder surgery. Comfy and easy to put on.
Pros: Nice design, inserts, adjustable straps
Cons: I prefer one piece sports bras without clasps

Military Jacket
Snagged this one before the mediums ran out. As expected, I'm a solid medium in tops and jackets. Love it. Some features not mentioned on the website: Side pockets in the outer layer, the inside layer zips into the outer layer, and the sleeves button into the sleeves, inside pocket of the inside layer, diagonal zipper pocket on front, right side.
Pros: pretty much everything above
Cons: At $200 and a meager description, doubtful many people will pick it up. Plus, not exactly athletic attire.


As with other Reebok shirts, I'm a solid medium and these fit well. The orange one on top particularly accentuates athletic builds with the cap sleeves and the seeming in the back. The bottom one fits just like a normal slim cut shirt and both have anti microbial treatments to keep them from stinking up when you have to go from coaching to training and back to coaching. 
Pros: cheap, good cut, flattering, beer. 
Cons: It's a shirt, what can go wrong?