Friday, January 6, 2012

New Opportunities!

Hi everyone!


So in addition to working between United Barbell and San Francisco Crossfit, I have been brought on as an in-house coach for the Zynga corporate gym! I will be listed there as a Master Trainer (!!) and am excited to potentially host some Olympic lifting and strength and conditioning classes and seminars for the employees there.

You can see the locations that I'm currently cleared to work at here.

You all know of Zynga. They are the geniuses behind Words With Friends, Mafia Wars, and all the Facebook _______-ville games. And more. Anyway, they have a large population of young people that need to let off steam while working crazy hours, and I'm hoping, along with the help of the two guys running the joint, to get some people involved in safe and effective workouts. We want to give a breadth of offering that can show fitness CAN be fun and

- You don't need to jump from weight station to weight station busting out reps of dull, simplistic movements.

- You don't need to spend hours a week on a treadmill, elliptical, bike, reading a magazine and working your "fat burning zone."

- You can be social and creative, competitive and supportive.

These are things I want to bring to all my clients, actually.

The guys in charge of getting the Zynga gym off the ground are really cool people, and I think we hit it off really well. Level headed lovers of all fitness, we saw eye to eye on what makes a good fitness program and the sorts of things that are, well, meh and dumb. They are more what I call "fitness hippies" which appeals greatly to me. (Think barefoot and free running, weighted clubs, incorporating play, etc.)

There are some other things brewing as well, but I will keep my mouth and fingers shut on those until forms are signed and hand are shook. Happy 2012, everyone! Stay tuned!

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