Friday, July 1, 2011

Various and Disjointed

Just a few announcements that revolve generally around fitness and health.

I love this website. While I think the intent is for people to use this to lose weight, I love that I can track macro and micro nutrients. There is a huge database of food, totally search-able, and you can add custom foods as well, like my Muscle Milk. I also love that, since I'm a creature of habit, I can have it copy over my foods from another day and just enter the modifications.

There are also tabs where you can track your activities and it counts roughly how many calories you're expending. There is also an iPhone app for it, but apparently not one for Droid. Poop.

World's Gym

I've made my decision, and I'll be starting as a personal trainer at World's Gym (16th and De Haro, in Potrero Hill), starting on July 19th, the day after I return from Nationals.

They are in the midst of transitioning from having outside private trainers to using only in-house trainers, so I feel like I'm coming on board at a good time. Plus, they have three shiny, new lifting platforms, which I KNOW I'll be using for myself and with clients who want to get stronger and more athletic.

USAW Competition Uniform Changes

Now here's something that has a lot of people up in arms, the costume rules have changed to allow full body covering.

Originally, you could not have the elbows covered so the officials could easily look for press outs overhead. Also, there had to be skin exposed on either side of knee wraps to make sure one wasn't wearing support gear and also so the officials could better see that legs were straight at the completion of a lift. All that has gone out the window.

Here's what I'm interested to see: at local meets, she wears loose pants and a loose t-shirt. That isn't going to be allowed, the unitard under the singlet must be skin tight. Also, it's been found out that at local meets, rather than weight in with other women, she just tells officials what she weighs, and that ISN'T going to fly at Nationals. Basically, she "qualified" while disregarding rules of the sport, even the new rules.

It could be an interesting weekend.


  1. I couldn't be more ticked off by the uniform changes and have a whole diatribe I could share about the insanity of this decision, but alas, you are probably tired of my ranting about it. Instead I will sit and wait...making sure there is no way she gets to the podium, even if I have to fly out there the night before. So many reasons that this is wrong...

    Your loyal teammate and friend,


  2. The irony is that her "petition" under the guise of promoting religious tolerance and fighting back against nationalist insensitivity is about the most negatively stereotypical American thing she could do. ("Oh, hey, I suddenly decide I want to do this - wait, I sense conflict - without further ado, they should change for me!!") It's mindblowing how little time and discourse transpired before an international rule change swiftly took effect. Now, should anything negative happen to this woman at US Nationals, you know the American media is going to be all over USAW for being so insensitive to this "Olympic hopeful." Gah. Don't get me started.

    Go Team Femur!!